Space Hulk topic, third post!


As I’ve stated on the Bolter and Chainsword topic, expect to see the first part of the Xenos portion of the project soon! ^_^

Space hulk project second post

SH bases 1 SH bases 2 SH bases 3






















Above are the bases I received from Fenris games. I’m very happy with them as the cost was very good and the scuplts/casts are clean and sharp. Very psyched to get around to getting the models for them, but first I’m mulling over what to use for the CAT, dead Marine and the Relic…


Art scale Rainbow Warrior

Well, it was about time I posted again. I had intended to post at least one a month, but as I haven’t done anything related to the Chapter it’s fallen silent. The blog however, lives!

Here is the link to Bolter and Chainsword member Tarvik’s art scale Rainbow Warrior:

Such an awesome sight to behold! ^_^ He has been more influenced by Norse mythology, which works very well. Hope to see more related Rainbow Warrior stuff from him in the future. His Carcharodons are awesome too! Check ’em out! ^_^

– Aquilanus

P.S. I have a very special project planned around my favourite Chapter that I can reveal soon. I’ll be sure to post it here soon! 🙂

My Brother-Captain Varagol conversion mentioned on Screaming Heretic podcast!

Some time ago I submitted a picture of Varagol to for their Conversion Corner, and then promptly forgot I had.  Well, after having a look at their site today, found that they have a segment on the Screaming Heretics’ podcast in much the same vein.  They described the mini and what parts were used (the picture is linked on the S H page for listeners to look at).  If I had any idea it was going to be used for that I’d have given far more information!  Anyhow, for those who want to listen in here’s the link:

He’s mentioned around the 1 hour 10 minute mark (nothing to write home about, but I was excited anyway!)

One day, I might just get enough people interested in the Rainbow Warriors to fill a lift.

Maybe lol.

Rainbow Warriors WIP (via Bolter and Chainsword)

I know I still have a lot of story parts to edit and post here, but in the mean time, here is the link to my Work In Progress topic on

I’ve entered into this years E Tenebrae Lux or ETL challenge, and my efforts towards that are contained within.  I’ve finished my first vow and will start my second tomorrow, as I’ve done nothing but paint and glue all day, and my sinuses are making me regret it!

As long as I keep this pace up, I’ll have around 1500 points in time for this years Ultrameet in July.  Ultimately, I want to get at least an entire company (Fourth Company in this case), along with elements of the First and Tenth (Termis and Scouts! ^_^ )

Until next time!

Where I want to go…

Having thought a lot about what I want from both this site and the minis I’m building and painting, I’ve decided to collect an entire Company.  I’ve chosen the Fourth Company (mainly as the Codex states they use green, which is a colour I don’t use very often, and not many hobbyists collect that particular Company, regardless of which Chapter.  I’m currently in the middle of constructing:

The Chapter Master

A Librarian

A Chaplain (with Cold one mount which will be a counts as bike)

Two Devastator Squads, two Tactical squads

A Command squad (which hasn’t been finished yet)

I also have a Storm Talon and Ironclad Dreadnought that I’m sorely tempted to paint for this army (They were going to be Steel Wings, but they can wait a little longer 😉 )

And today I bought my very first Assault squad ever.

Needless to say, I still have a fair bit to get through before I attain my goal ^_^

I can’t promise anything, but hopefully I’ll have the next instalment of Bringing Light soon! ^_^